Reactivating Your Autoship Items

Finding Cancelled Autoship Products

Scroll down below your payment information and recetly viewed products.

On mobile, this is found just below payment information.

Click "Re-activate" on the item you wish to add back to your Autoship. Please note, each item will need to be added back individually.

Selecting Re-activate on Mobile
Selecting Re-activate on Desktop

Viewing Reactivated Products

After an item has been reactivated, it will show up under "Your Autoships Items" on the left side of the page, or top of the page on mobile.

If you have more than one item on Autoship, you may not see it right away. Select "Show All Autoships" to expand out the list and see everything currently on your autoorder.

Show All Autoships on Mobile
Show All Autoships on Desktop
Finding Re-activated Item on Mobile
Finding Re-activated Item on Desktop

Double Checking Next Shipment Date

Sometimes, once reactivated, the dates do not automatically set the date in-line with your other items on order. Be sure to double check "Next Shipment Date" on any newly re-activated items to ensure your autoship shows up when you need it!

Checking Dates on Mobile
Checking Dates on Desktop

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