Skipping an Autoship

Navigating to Your Order Schedule

You can find your Order Schedule on the top right of the customer portal. This will take you to a page where you can see a schedule of all your upcoming Autoships.

If you are the mobile site, you can find this option on the drop down menu.

Navigating to Order Schedule on Mobile
Navigating to Order Schedule on Desktop

Skipping the Shipment

Click "skip."

Skipping a Shipment on Mobile
Skipping a Shipment on Desktop

After you've skipped an item on your schedule, the page will reload. If you wish to skip an entire order, every item must be skipped.

Unskipping the Shipment

Simply click Unskip and the item will arrive right on schedule!

Unskipping a Shipment on Mobile
Unkipping a Shipment on Desktop

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